NAWBO Columbus is excited to share the next chapter for Christy Farnbauch

CARES Act Updates
April 1, 2020
April 7, 2020


I came to NAWBO Columbus as your first professional executive director nearly three years ago. I was fortunate to find the Chapter with a solid foundation, built with the blood, sweat and tears of fierce women business owners who believed women would go farther and faster, together. And, in 2019, the Columbus Foundation named NAWBO Columbus a National #1.

The purpose of NAWBO Columbus is to empower all women business owners to overcome challenges, realize their true potential and make their mark on the world. We’re certainly experiencing challenges today that we could have never predicted. There’s no doubt we’ll grow from this pandemic experience.

As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.” I can honestly say, the past three years have flown by. It was my honor and pleasure to serve as the Chapter’s first executive director. I’m pleased to have played a small part in helping level the playing field for you. I understand so much more about the disparities women business owners face every day. And, I know we must stay true to your passion and purpose to realize our true potential and make our mark on the world.

As you may have already heard, I’ve accepted a new professional opportunity that is completely aligned with my passion and purpose. On April 15th, I will become Executive Director of the Contemporary American Theatre Company (CATCO). CATCO is central Ohio’s only resident, professional theatre company. Since CATCO’s founding in January 1985, CATCO and CATCO is Kids have produced more than 250 plays, including world premieres, contemporary comedies and dramas, musicals, and international productions.

What you may not know about me is that I have degrees in music performance and business administration. And, prior to joining NAWBO Columbus, 85% of my career experience had been in the arts and culture sector. My family became subscribers to CATCO is Kids (then Phoenix Children’s Theatre) in 1997 when my oldest son was just 3 years old. Performing arts is my passion and purpose!

I believe NAWBO Columbus is in a great place and poised for future success. We have processes and procedures in place that didn’t exist three years ago. And, we’ve leveraged new funding to support the critical work of creating equality & access for women business owners. The Chapter is clear about the path forward, based on newly clarified beliefs, vision and purpose, which led to the creation of a comprehensive strategic plan. And, yes, we too, have overcome challenges in service to women business owners across the community. NAWBO Columbus isn’t giving up the fight!

Going forward, you can reach me at: Additionally, I’d be honored to add you to my LinkedIn network. I’ll look forward to seeing you at NAWBO Columbus events in the future!

To your future success,


Click HERE to read the press release from CATCO.