Partner Spotlight: FCBank

Fall Membership Drive
October 7, 2019
Becoming A Woman of Influence
December 18, 2019


Tell us about your company.

FCBank is a community bank that has its roots in commercial banking. With over 150 years of experience, we can provide sophisticated financial solutions to businesses large and small. We are one of four divisions lead by local leadership who are empowered to make local decisions. We also have this amazing core of support that allows each division to stay focused on meeting customer needs while achieving financial objectives. We collaborate with our customers to create the ideal custom account for them because each business is unique – you can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. We pride ourselves on offering the best financial solutions at a fair cost. This unique collaboration allows us to deliver the best customer and employee experience. As a community bank, we also strive to become part of the fabric of each community we serve. We want the residents to know that our mission and beliefs align with the mission and beliefs of the community. When the community succeeds, we succeed. We differentiate ourselves by not offering “promos” that exclude our existing customers because it is “the right thing to do”: because how we do business is as important as doing business.


What motivated your organization to become involved with NAWBO?

FCBank takes pride in being a part of such a large organization built around supporting women business owners and entrepreneurs. Jenny Saunders, FCBank president, is a strong proponent of investing in those who are making a difference in our communities and NAWBO is a large network of women doing just that on a daily basis.


What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

FCBank provides sophisticated financial solutions to businesses large and small. The experience provided at FCBank is of a client-centric community bank focused on building significant relationships with clients and catering financial solutions to their unique needs. This more personable client experience creates a long-term relationship with a trustworthy team of banking professionals to help elevate and service your businesses financial needs.


What is the one best practice you’ve learned from working with businesses in your company that our members should know?

Trust in your people. As a leader it is crucial to leverage those around you for what they are good at and let them get in the weeds so that you can focus on strategy. We create teams for a reason, choose the right people, trust in them, and let them go to work.


What is your advice for Women Business Owners?

Seek out the relationship you need from professionals in different industries that can facilitate your business needs. Having someone you know and trust to offer advice and be responsive to your needs is a game changer for your time management. Your time is valuable and needs to be put back into the business, so take the time to find your team of experts and maintain those relationships, they will be invaluable.





Linda Salters VP/Business Development Leader