Build Your Business Plan For 2022

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October 25, 2021
Partner Spotlight: Cultivate Advisors
October 25, 2021

Tuesday, November 9th at 12 p.m. ET

Join NAWBO and Cultivate Advisors!

You’ve probably thought about your goals for 2022, but have you locked them in? Take the next step to formalize those goals with your fellow NAWBO community. Advisor Neelofer Kazmi will walk you through best practices for goal setting to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running January 1st. Topics covered in this hourlong free webinar will be: Planning Mindset – How to Think About Planning; Planning Elements – Goals, KPIs, Leading Indicators; Planning Framework – Process to Follow, Connecting Macro to Micro; and Collaborative Planning – Bringing the Team Into the Planning Process.

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