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January 14, 2019
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January 14, 2019
The Four Steps to “Re”Commit to Greatness in 2019

I’m excited for 2019 in great part because of one of our NAWBO Columbus December panelists, Pia Fitzgerald, whose comment on achieving goals stuck with me as a mantra for 2019.  She passionately and confidently advised, “Just commit.”

In my journey to “Just commit,” I’ve outlined the following four-step process:

STEP 1: 

During the past month, every time I was at a crossroads with a decision I was waffling over, Pia’s words keep coming back to me.  Guess what? I’ve begun to change my habits to be more decisive, which has helped create more excitement and momentum in working toward my 2019 end goals. Identifying a powerful mantra that speaks to you is Step 1.

STEP 2: 

While 90% of us will set goals and not fulfill them (yes, that’s a real fact and not me being Debbie Downer), it still means that 10% of us are successful because we set goals that are:

  • Feasible or realistic
  • Broken into small milestones we can celebrate and see as tangible results of our efforts
  • We’re passionate about the goal itself (thus the importance of an inspired mantra)

These are commonly known steps to achieving goals and are what I call Step 2 in a goal process.

STEP 3: 

While the mantra of “Just commit” has spurred me into action, it’s the spin about “commitment” I found in a book called “The Big Leap:  Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level”by Gay Hendricks that is increasing my courage to see my goals through to the next level and is what I call Step 3.  This is best explained below:

“Commitment works as a springboard to your Zone of Genius… works as a steering mechanism and calibration device once you’re there… Commitment gets you started, but recommitmentignites your reserves when you feel like you’re ready to give up.” – Gay Hendricks

Hendricks’ take on commitment makes so much sense related to New Year’s resolutions failing or succeeding. It’s the recommitment that will keep us going as a third step in achieving our goals, whereas most of us feel like a set-back means we should just stop what we’re doing. This includes the risk of giving up on our businesses and in our relationships when faced with set-backs.

On the positive side, it also means that we’re recommitting every day without realizing that’s what we’re doing, because we do continue to show up to run our company, and we do strive to create healthier relationships.  Congratulations on already embodying Step 3; you already know how to recommit.

Speaking of commitment to goals, embracing mantras, and overcoming by recommitting:  January for NAWBO Columbus means the excitement of our annual Good to Great event, which has been a favorite of mine to attend for more than a decade now.  Because of this upcoming event, the 2019 goals on my mind to “Just commit”, and the fact I just finished reading Hendrick’s book, I began to explore, “What does it really take to shift a behavior to become great because we’re passionate about what we’re striving for? What can any of us do to recommit so we go from good to great in our lives and in our business?”

Afterall, if good equals some type of life, employee, and customer satisfaction, the latter proved by Frederick Reichheld’sresearch of employee and consumer loyalty, why can’t we strive for GREAT which equals fulfillment, loyal employees and customers, andthrivingin our very own Zone of Genius, as Hendrick’s calls it in The Big Leap.  The Zone of Genius is when we are aligned with our goals, dreams, passions, and our talents.

STEP 4: 

If you’re one of the lucky attendees of Good to Great, if you’re involved in your NAWBO Roundtable, or like to attend one of our regular monthly programs, I encourage you to find out how the women around you have recommitted to their business and life goals to create GREATNESS, and how they are living, embracing, and being fulfilled through the so-called, Zone of Genius. This curiosity and connection to others around us is the final step. It’s also how any one of us can commit or recommit in four steps that push us to our Zone of Genius in order to be great.

  1. Grab onto a mantra that inspires you.
  2. Follow the three basic steps to goal achievement.
  3. Recommit to your goal when it gets tough.
  4. Interview others on how they commit and recommit to operate in their Zone of Genius.

Happy New Year to you, our fabulous NAWBO members and partners! I’m excited to see your Zone of Genius in action and to be inspired by your recommitment to greatness throughout 2019.

Tonya Tiggett

President, NAWBO Columbus

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