May 5th Monthly Meeting: Wealth Building Strategies for Women Business Owners

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March 7, 2022
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April 20, 2022
Thursday, May 5, 2022 | 11:00am- 1:00pm | Amelita Mirolo Barn

Join NAWBO Columbus for a discussion on strategies for Women Business Owners to build wealth.

The financial security and overall well-being of families increasingly rests on the shoulders of women. According to a 2017 report by Closing the Women’s Wealth Gap, U.S. women own just $0.32 for every $1 a man owns. That amount is even lower for Black and Latina women. While business ownership serves as a wealth-building tool for women, the current prevalence of gender disparities in wealth, often the result of systemic drivers, remains a central challenge facing women across the country.

Join us as we discuss ways women business owners can build wealth for themselves and their families.


Sharon Wei Frank, CEPA®, CFP®, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Nicole A Simpson MBA, CFEI, Go Fund Your Life




Nicole Simpson is the President of Go Fund Your Life, and she loves helping people learn how to preserve and protect their personal and business assets. She has spent most of her career in the financial service industry, gaining experiences in areas such as banking, personal finance, insurance and philanthropy. After witnessing countless families use crowd funding platforms like Go Fund Me to raise money for life’s unexpected circumstances, she realized she needed to change the way people think about insurance. In 2017 Go Fund Your Life was established as an education and resource firm designed to teach individuals, business owners, and families how to use insurance, and annuities to build and protect wealth for multiple generations. Consulting on insurance needs is her primary job function by day, Nicole also enjoys Philanthropic planning and spends her down time introducing giving circles to the community to increase giving to underrepresented non-profit organizations.


Sharon Wei Frank, CEPA®, CFP®, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Sharon joined Merrill Lynch Wealth Management with professional experiences in management consulting and entrepreneurship. She worked with close to 600 businesses, from large corporations to privately held family businesses, providing services and products to clients that helped improve their bottom line.

It is with the perspective, knowledge, discernment and insights gained as a management consultant who advised other businesses to be successful, and as a business owner who created her own branded products, developed distribution channels and grew her company from an idea to having national presence in 35 states while raising two kids, that Sharon intimately understands the unique needs, wants, tribulations and triumphs of the fellow entrepreneurs, as well as what it takes to unlock, and identify wealth that may be hidden in the business.

Today in wealth management Sharon’s focus of practice is “growth, transfer, legacy” – she works closely with business owners, helps them identify their vision, identify where they are along that journey, create a wealth plan that aligns their business, personal and financial goals, and through careful execution, help business owners bridge the wealth gap by unlocking the wealth from their business, with the focus on meeting their goals in life.

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