Partner Spotlight: FutureCom Technologies

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May 1, 2019
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Jeanne Gokcen, President/CEO, FutureCom Technologies

Tell us about your company.

FutureCom Technologies provides Intelligent Telecom for businesses. That means we use common sense, our extensive expertise and experience, and our focus on your unique needs to provide a comprehensive telecom and call management service that fits your operations and brand, and brings tangible value to your business. Our customers tell us we have improved their customers' experience by connecting callers to the correct person 48% faster and increased staff productivity by reducing the number of calls needing to be answered and transferred to another staff person by 50%. Additionally, they are getting more calls because no one ever gets a busy signal; every single call is answered, 24/7.

We utilize our own cloud-based, VoIP, speech-enabled unified communications platform, Comunify (R), and with its many features and flexibility, we are able to tailor call management for your company on an ongoing basis, provide transparent, easy connections with mobile staff, and provide Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity so that all calls are still answered and routed to alternate phone numbers should something happen on your premises that affects your phones. We take care of everything, so customers can attend to other important aspects of their business.

Our customers say that they appreciate that we are a partner with them, not a vendor. We become a part of their team and always look out for their best interests.

What motivated your organization to become involved with NAWBO?

Telecom and speech technology are male-dominated fields. When I formed FutureCom in 1984 and even now, there were few females involved in these areas at leadership levels. As I was trying to organize my business and grow, I searched for organizations that had a focus on women and business that could provide guidance and mentorship. I found a few local organizations and attended meetings and joined several. NAWBO Columbus is the organization that ultimately met my needs. As NAWBO Columbus likes to say, I definitely found my "tribe" of like-minded business women and the resources I needed for my business, including meaningful programming, mentors, business tools, and legislative advocacy that watches out for issues that affect my business.

Most important are the relationships I have formed with NAWBO members, and I am grateful to call many of them close friends and colleagues, and also, customers. We formed relationships that engender trust so that we can reach out to each other for answers and support, and when we are in need of a product or service, we feel comfortable getting those from each other. But those relationships happen not just by attending meetings, but by becoming involved in the organization. That's when you really get to know people and can form those close relationships.

I have been a member since 2006. I immediately became involved in the Public Policy Committee, and I've been the VP of Public Policy, as well as President of NAWBO Columbus in 2010. I am still actively involved in the Public Policy committee and attend events regularly, and I see the value of my membership every day.

What does your company offer NAWBO members and why is this important to them?

Businesses' phones are a critical business front that often is neglected. Dealing with the phone can be complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming, and can cost your business. If your callers have a negative phone experience or get a busy signal, you could lose potential customers. A poorly designed system costs you in operational efficiency. We ensure that your phone business front is an asset to your business. We do this as your partner, not as a vendor. We bring clarity and efficiency to your office processes and make phone transactions positive for both customers and staff, which contributes to customers wanting to buy from you and stay with you. This creates a work environment in which staff are happy. We bring protection to your business by ensuring that your calls are always answered, during and after hours, even if something happens that affects your office, like a power or network outage or severe weather.

What is the one best practice you've learned from working with businesses in your company that our members should know?

Earning the trust of your customers is what grows your business. Trust will not only gain new customers but will keep customers. Trust is earned through exceptional customer service and showing that customer's interests, not yours, are what drives decisions. Our customers say they trust us to guide them with decisions that make sense for them, and that our desire to address their needs and issues competently and quickly has brought immense value. They consistently use the word "integrity" to describe us and that their realization of our value grows the more we work together. 100% of our customers would recommend us.